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Exploring The Different Types Of Pool Shapes

You’re in for a refreshing dip into the world of pool shapes! Whether you’re dreaming of lounging by your very own backyard oasis or simply curious about the diverse range of options out there, this article will take you on a journey through the various types of pool shapes. From classic rectangles to freeform designs that mimic natural landscapes, you’ll discover the endless possibilities for creating the perfect pool that suits your style and enhances your outdoor living space. So grab your favorite beverage and get ready to be inspired by the world of pool shapes!

Rectangular Pools

Standard Rectangle

The standard rectangle pool is a classic shape and one of the most popular choices among homeowners. Its simple yet sleek design makes it versatile and suitable for any backyard. The straight edges and clean lines provide a clean and modern look. The rectangular shape also allows for easy installation of a pool cover and provides ample space for swimming laps.


The L-shaped pool offers a unique twist on the traditional rectangle shape. With one side longer than the other, it creates a separate area for other activities such as lounging or playing. The L-shape also adds visual interest to the pool design, making it an attractive option for those looking for a more dynamic and contemporary style.

Roman and Grecian Pools

Inspired by ancient architecture, Roman and Grecian pools bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any backyard. These pools typically feature semi-circular or curved ends, creating a graceful and timeless aesthetic. The curved shape also allows for smoother transitions between different areas of the pool, making it perfect for relaxation and socializing.

Circular Pools

True Round

The true round pool is a classic choice that never goes out of style. Its symmetrical shape creates a harmonious and balanced look. Circular pools are perfect for small backyards as they maximize the available space. The absence of sharp corners also makes them safer for families with children, as there are no edges to bump into.

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The oval pool combines the elegance of a rectangle with the convenience of a round pool. Its elongated shape provides more space for swimming and other water activities while still maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. Oval pools are a popular choice for those who want the best of both worlds – the functionality of a rectangular pool and the softer lines of a round pool.


The kidney-shaped pool offers a natural and organic feel to any outdoor space. Its flowing curves and asymmetrical design mimic the shape of a kidney, hence the name. This shape is ideal for those looking to create a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Kidney-shaped pools are also great for incorporating additional features such as waterfalls or a spa area.

Exploring The Different Types Of Pool Shapes

Freeform Pools

Figure 8

The figure 8 pool is a unique and eye-catching choice for those who want to make a statement with their pool design. With two connected circles resembling the number 8, this shape offers a playful and whimsical look. The separate pool areas can be used for different purposes, such as a shallow area for relaxation and a deeper section for swimming.


Similar to the figure 8 pool, the bean-shaped pool is characterized by two rounded ends connected by a narrower middle section. This shape offers a more organic and flowing feel, creating a natural oasis in your backyard. The bean-shaped pool is perfect for creating a tropical paradise ambiance, with lush landscaping and palm trees.

Natural Pools

Natural pools, also known as lagoon-style pools, are designed to mimic the look and feel of a natural body of water such as a pond or lake. These pools typically feature irregular shapes with soft, gentle curves, and are often surrounded by rocks and plants to enhance the natural aesthetic. Natural pools create a tranquil and serene atmosphere, making them ideal for relaxation and escaping from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Geometric Pools


The square pool is a classic and timeless option that suits any architectural style. With its equal sides, it offers a balanced and symmetrical look. Square pools are practical and efficient when it comes to utilizing space, as they can be easily incorporated into the overall design of your backyard. They also provide a great space for recreational activities such as pool games.


The octagonal pool is a unique and visually striking choice. Its eight sides create an interesting and dynamic shape that adds architectural interest to your backyard. Octagonal pools are often used as focal points, capturing attention and becoming a design centerpiece. They offer ample space for swimming, while also providing a stunning visual element.

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The diamond-shaped pool is a modern and innovative option that adds a touch of luxury to your outdoor space. With its sharp angles and diamond-like form, this shape stands out among traditional pool designs. The diamond-shaped pool is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement and create a unique swimming experience.

Exploring The Different Types Of Pool Shapes

Infinity Pools

Overflowing Edge

Infinity pools, also known as vanishing edge pools, are designed to create a visual illusion of water blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. The overflowing edge creates the illusion that the pool merges with the horizon, giving an awe-inspiring effect. These pools are often built on properties with scenic views, allowing for an uninterrupted sightline that enhances the overall experience.

Mirror Pool

The mirror pool takes the concept of the infinity pool to another level by creating a completely reflective surface. The still water reflects the surrounding environment, creating a mesmerizing and serene ambience. Mirror pools are often used in contemporary and minimalist designs to evoke a sense of calm and tranquility.

Plunge Pools

Small Rectangular

Small rectangular plunge pools are perfect for homeowners with limited space who still want to enjoy the benefits of having a pool. Despite their smaller size, these pools are deep enough for a refreshing dip and can be equipped with jets for therapeutic purposes. They also make excellent options for cooling off during hot summer days.


Circular plunge pools offer a compact and cozy oasis in any backyard. With their small footprint and curvaceous shape, they can fit into even the tiniest spaces. These pools provide a tranquil spot to relax and unwind, and the circular shape creates a soothing and harmonious atmosphere.

Exploring The Different Types Of Pool Shapes

Lazy L Pools

Lazy L with Spa

The Lazy L pool with a spa combines the best of both worlds, offering a dedicated area for relaxation and hydrotherapy. The L-shaped design allows for a separate spa section that can be used for soothing massages or hydrotherapy jets. This configuration provides versatility and functionality, making it an excellent choice for those who value both recreation and relaxation.

Lazy L with Tanning Shelf

The Lazy L pool with a tanning shelf provides a luxurious and comfortable space for sunbathing. The L-shaped design allows for the inclusion of a broad shelf area, perfect for placing lounge chairs or even shallow water for cooling off. This configuration creates an inviting and practical pool design, catering to those who enjoy soaking up the sun.

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Gothic-shaped Pools

Pointed Arch

Gothic-shaped pools with a pointed arch design offer a touch of elegance and sophistication. Inspired by Gothic architecture, these pools have an arched end that adds a dramatic and ornamental element. Pointed arch pools are popular in classic and traditional settings, bringing a sense of grandeur to any outdoor space.

Angled Corners

Gothic-shaped pools with angled corners provide a modern twist on the traditional Gothic pool design. By incorporating angular corners, these pools create a more contemporary and streamlined look. The combination of the Gothic arch with sharp angles adds visual interest and creates a unique pool shape that stands out.

Curved-edge Pools


Curved-edge pools feature flowing lines and gentle curves that create a soft and welcoming appearance. These pools are versatile and can be easily adapted to fit different backyard styles and sizes. The curved edges allow for a more organic and natural feel, adding a touch of gracefulness and harmony to your outdoor space.

Kidney Bean

Kidney bean-shaped pools are a variation of the curved-edge design, with an elongated shape that resembles a kidney bean. These pools are spacious and provide ample swimming space, while still maintaining the organic and flowing appearance. The kidney bean shape is a popular choice for those seeking a more relaxed and natural aesthetic.

Keyhole Pools

Combination of Rectangle and Circle

Keyhole pools combine the best features of a rectangle and a circle to create a unique and functional shape. The main swimming area is rectangular, providing sufficient space for swimming laps, while the rounded end acts as a separate area for lounging or recreational activities. This combination offers versatility and allows for different pool experiences within one design.

Square with Round End

Similar to the previous keyhole pool design, the square pool with a round end combines the benefits of a square pool and a circular pool. The majority of the pool is square-shaped, offering a practical and efficient use of space. The rounded end adds a touch of elegance and serves as a focal point, creating visual interest and a more rounded swimming area.

In conclusion, the world of pool shapes offers a wide range of options to suit any homeowner’s taste and backyard style. Whether you prefer the classic and sleek lines of rectangular pools, the natural and organic feel of freeform pools, or the modern and luxurious look of infinity pools, there is a shape that can transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis. Consider your preferences, available space, and desired functionality when selecting the perfect pool shape for your home. With the right shape, you can create a pool that not only enhances your property but also provides endless hours of relaxation and enjoyment.

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